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@shuding shuding released this 15 Jun 20:21
· 13 commits to main since this release

V1.0 is here! Major new feature from this release is that <Balancer> will now switch to use the native CSS text-wrap: balance if it's available. This improves the runtime performance quite a lot!

With that, it's even more important to always add a <Provider> to your app as that makes the CSS feature detection logic shared across all <Balancer> components.

Lastly, if the native CSS balance is available, the ratio option will be ignored because that's not part of the text-wrap: balance standard.

What's Changed

  • Add repository, homepage and bugs to package.json by @kachkaev in #70
  • Use text-wrap: balance if supported by @shuding in #72

New Contributors

Full Changelog: 0.5.0...1.0.0