Android library to handle large amounts of marker on google maps.
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This library allows showing a significant amount of markers on a google map in Android. To enable this, the library sums up markers which would be positioned to near to each other on the map. The Geo Picture Map App demonstrates a possible usage of the MapMarkerHandler.

How to use the library

You find compiled aar files to all releases in the release folder. The current version belongs to the v1.1 tag of the repository. If you want to edit the library, you can compile this repository and add it as a dependency to your Android project.

Prepare data to be handeled by the library

The class of the data objects have to implement the interface I_SortableMapElement. The interface only consists of two methods. getLatLng() has to deliver the LatLng object which should be displayed for the object. getSortPropertyString() allows passing a string which can be used if the given List of data-object was sorted. In this case, it is possible to iterate through the passed list and the String from this method gets used for the snippet of the marker. A simple example for a picture object, which gets sorted by date, could look like this:

public class PictureData implements I_SortableMapElement{


public LatLng getLatLng(){
	return new LatLng(m_lat,m_lng)

public String getSortPropertyString(){
	return "Pictures taken on 2017/04/01";



Use the library

First you have to pass a List of type List<? extends I_SortableMapElement> to the library. If you want to use functions related to the sorting function, this List has to be sorted by yourself (before passing it to the library). The initialization for our picture-example (with picturesis a List of PictureData) is done by

MarkerHandler handler=	new MarkerHandler(pictures, getResources().getDisplayMetrics());
handler.prepareSortedElements();//Only needed if sorted property should be used.
				//For very large datasets (>5000), you should do this in a seperate thread. 
				//Make sure, that this is finished before using sorting functions.

To draw markers to a map, you have to call


To handle camera changes following code works as OnCamerIdleListener:

new GoogleMap.OnCameraIdleListener() {
	public void onCameraIdle() {
		float zoom = map.getCameraPosition().zoom;
		Projection projection=map.getProjection();

Iterate through the data

You can iterate through all elements stored under a certain marker on the map or iterate through your passed elements according to your passed sorting.

Iterate through elements of a marker

This is useful to react on click events on the markers. Following code demonstrates it

public boolean onMarkerClick(Marker arg0) {
	return true;

Iterate through sorted elements

In our example this can be used to show the markers chronologicaly like offered by the Geo Picture Map App. Following code demonstrates it.

private void doSthWithNextPicture() {