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Lots of simple and Pythonic PySide demos
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# Resources About Qt GUI Framework Python Binding

Lots of simple and Pythonic PySide demos,  
this project is released under the permissive 3-clause BSD license.

Qt FEATURES, you should read these first of all

 - [Qt and Key Technologies](
 - [MVC](

## Implementations

 - PySide
 - PyQt4 (sucks)

[Differences Between PySide and PyQt](

## Tutorials collection

 - [Qt Creator系列教程](
 - [Qt - 1+1=2](

## Other Resources

 - [Books about GUI Design](
 - [PySide Documentation contents](
 - [Qt Quarterly: C++ and Qt programmers' newsletter](
 - [Qt Reference Documentation](
     - [Qt and Key Technologies](

## PyQt demos on Mac OS X

Run PyQt Demos (version Python2.7)

    python /opt/local/share/doc/py27-pyqt4/examples/demos/qtdemo/

Fix 'Documentation' button doesn't works on Mac OS X

    sudo ln -s  /Applications/MacPorts/Qt4/*.app /opt/local/bin/

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