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ZBox Wiki is a lightweight wiki system write in Python.

Who could like this project?

  • programmer and code monkey (Python and Markdown is cool)
  • engineer (Python and Markdown is really cool)
  • geek, nerd and hacker (Python and Markdown is absolute cool, and fun to hack)

install it

git clone git://
cd zbox_wiki
git submodule init
git submodule update

sudo python create /tmp/my_instance
cd /tmp/my_instance

enable anyone could edit it via web frontend

sed -i -e  s/readonly\ =\ True/readonly\ =\ False/g /tmp/foo/myproj/

run instance --path /tmp/foo/myproj --port 8080

Visit local for more information.


TeX/LaTeX to Image

TeX/LaTeX in ZBox Wiki

Graphviz/dot to Image

Graphviz/dot in ZBox Wiki.

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Auto Table Of Content and Highlight

ZBox Wiki - auto TOC and highlight

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