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ap_pcalloc() should be used for apr_pcalloc().

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1 parent bb1569a commit 45acdf0b381fb3191be42125a5000bbc2281e4b3 shugo committed May 24, 2006
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@@ -100,7 +100,7 @@ typedef apr_table_entry_t table_entry;
#include "http_conf_globals.h"
#define apr_palloc(p, size) ap_palloc(p, size)
-#define apr_pcalloc(p, type) ap_palloc(p, type)
+#define apr_pcalloc(p, nbytes) ap_pcalloc(p, nbytes)
#define apr_pool_cleanup_register ap_register_cleanup
#define apr_pool_cleanup_null ap_null_cleanup
#define apr_array_make(p, n, size) ap_make_array(p, n, size)

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