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A multiuser, dual player game server. (ABANDONED)
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The AI Server

The AI Server is a multiplayer game server (chat server) for 2 player games. This server is designed to be very simple (non-standard communication protocal, sorry folks).

Licensed under GPLv3, see LICENSE for details.

Note: This application embeds peewee for ease of use reasons, under The original source code (and the up to date copy) is available at


The server is designed so that it doesn't depend on anything other than vanilla python. It's been tested on Python 2.7 on Linux and Windows.

If you compiled Python, it must have threading enabled.

Run python

For test clients, go under the directory testclients... The tictactoeclient requires PyGTK and Glade.

Default DB Username Passwords

Some usernames and passwords that's available for use in the database that I've included.

Regular user accounts:

test /{l?U~>8l5-i<5oIfN?9
testacc i6AgKTH+'=vEh<jZ5#;t
test1 hello
account0 Dll;ZHp[s,8co5%2j(Tb
account1 t2#rxW)TPOE$78MN22mv
account2 ;.)5oB1nLz!vv*Z.c<*'
account3 [NfF3wPXl=z@6rVR9v4H
account4 So;sQ^fW.K3uZ-dpKTA>
account5 7UN42J4Ncxw)+g'WIy*m
account6 ne-ql#mi/xWrL,9Og,fa
account7 QoW2]mLR}bjZP}zs.dK-
account8 5kl~1VEz3StY0WI<&V2W
account9 &T%HrK1+7mkTC<Z^.2Wp

Here is an admin account:

admin 7mZki#@90%0'fR)]di(H

To create an user, open up console and cd into the directory containing (or just the root folder of the server).

Type python into the console.

>>> import auth
>>> auth.register("<username>")                     # 1
>>> auth.register("<username>", "<password>")       # 2
>>> auth.register("<username>", "<password>", 1)    # 3

The 1st line registers a user with the name and returns the password. The 2nd line registers a user with the name and password . The 3rd line registers an admin with the name and password .

More info


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