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Creating Paraview Python Programmable Filters with GUI Options
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Note: in PV 5.6+, there seem to be capability to directly import a .py file as a plugin. I've personally not tested it and don't know if it can replace this library, but if it does, the documentation seem to be here:

pvpyfilter is a library that allows you to define a programmable filter via a python file. A XML file can be generated from this python file and imported into paraview, where GUI options will be displayed for the filter.

Filter definition (See (same as listed here)):

from enum import Enum
from pvpyfilter import *

# flake8: noqa

class MyEnum(Enum):
  value1 = 1
  value2 = 2

class MyExampleFilter(ProgrammableFilter):
  My example filter created using xml.

  It does somethings...

  label            = "My Example Filter"
  # input_data_type can also be a list, e.g. ["vtkPolyData", "vtkUnstructuredGrid"]
  input_data_type  = "vtkPolyData"
  output_data_type = ""
  short_help       = "My example filter"
  number_of_inputs = 1
  script_invisible = False

  scalar_str    = String("scalar string", help="scalar string")
  boolean       = Boolean("boolean variable")
  many_ints     = Integer("many integers", default=[0, 1, 2], help="many integers")
  double_slider = Double("double with slider", default=0.5, slider=[0.0, 1.0], help="double with slider")
  int_enum      = IntegerEnum("integer based enums", enum=MyEnum, default=MyEnum.value1, help="many integers")

  def request_data(inputs,
    print("scalar_str", scalar_str)
    print("boolean", boolean)
    print("many_ints", many_ints)
    print("double_slider", double_slider)
    print("int_enum", int_enum <= 1)

if __name__ == "__main__":

In Paraview:



  1. Download this repository
  2. cd into the repository
  3. python3 install [--user]

Example Usage

  1. Define the programmable filter file similar to
  2. Ensure if __name__ == "__main__": print(MyExampleFilter.xml().decode("utf-8")) is in the python file.
  3. Call python3 > example_filter.xml
  4. Import the plugin inside Paraview -> Tools -> Manage Plugins.


Please read the doc strings within as there are several caveats to be aware of when writing request_data.

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