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###Basic Idea/Motivation

  • The idea is to allow people to connect to a wifi hotspot and then immediately be able to simulate shitty mobile network connections.
  • Lets developers easily test application performance with on slow connection in mind
  • Relates to “mobile first” thinking by acknowledging “mobile first” means connections that are not always as reliable/speedy/generally good (i.e. 💩).


Official Supported Device:


  • Ability to introduce extra:
  • Latency (delay)
  • Packet loss
  • Bandwidth limitations
  • Per device address throttling → i.e. web interface such that you can go and adjust the setting for your client only.

Accessible at http://<router ip>:8080


Although I've only tested this on a TL-WR703N, this should work on any device that uses br-lan as its LAN interface.

To install this, download the ipk package from releases into your /tmp and then run:

# opkg update
# opkg install trafficcop-*.ipk

This should install and start trafficcop on 8080 with uhttpd on the ip address for the interface br-lan. If you're unsure what IP this is, you can run the following to find out:

# ifconfig br-lan | grep 'inet addr' | cut -d ":" -f 2 | cut -d " " -f 1

This means you can access traffic cop at http://<router ip>:8080.


Emulate 3G/2G/other networks on an OpenWRT router


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