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500 Line or Less (Rewritten)


This project is working in progress.

Project Origin Language Origin Article Rewrite Language Rewrite Article Status
blockcode Javascript Blockcode: A visual programming toolkit
ci Python A Continuous Integration System Python rewrite-ci Done
cluster Python Clustering by Consensus
contingent Python Contingent: A Fully Dynamic Build System Python rewrite-contingent Done
crawler Python A Web Crawler With asyncio Coroutines - - -
dagoba Javascript Dagoba: an in-memory graph database Python rewrite-dagoba Done
data-store Python DBDB: Dog Bed Database Python rewrite-dbdb Done
event-web-framework LISP An Event-Driven Web Framework
flow-shop Python A Flow Shop Scheduler Python rewrite-flowshop Done
functionaldb Clojure An Archaeology-Inspired Database
image-filters Processing Making Your Own Image Filters
interpreter Python A Python Interpreter Written in Python Python rewrite-interpreter Done
modeller Python A 3D Modeller Python rewrite-modeller Done
objmodel Python A Simple Object Model Python rewrite-objmodel Done
ocr Python Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
pedometer Ruby A Pedometer in the Real World
same-origin-policy Alloy The Same-Origin Policy
sampler Python A Rejection Sampler
spreadsheet Javascript Web Spreadsheet
static analysis Julia Static Analysis Python rewrite-static-analysis Done
templating engine Python A Template Engine Python rewrite-template-engine Done
web-server Python A Simple Web Server Python rewrite-web-server Done

Rewritten of original project 500 Lines or Less with improvements in the following aspects:

  • Code written in Python2 are rewritten in Python3
  • Replace some of the outdated content with newer mechanism. For example, HTTP processing pipeline are introduced instead of CGI
  • Written in a step-by-step manner, showing actual code for each step, so we can see how to make progress
  • Some of the projects are developed in a test-driven (TDD) manner

Project relatived articles are published at My blog, in Chinese language.

How to Use

To run the program code, you need

  • Python3. Any version higher than Python3.6 should work (not verified, however). Current development environment is Python3.8.

Code of each project is in a separated directory, naming after the original project. Whitespace or hyphen(-) are replaced with underline(_) for the sake of references in code. For thosed developed in a step-by-step manner, each step also has its own sub-directory.

To run a projects written in Python: open in project root, find the entry point for the project of interest, uncomment it and run.

本项目试图以更加现代化的方式重写 500 Lines or Less 项目,并在以下方面有所改进:

  • 将基于 Python2 的项目改写为基于 Python3
  • 删除部分过时的内容,用更适合现实的机制代替。例如,CGI 机制换成了 HTTP 处理管线
  • 用循序渐进的方式编写代码,展示每个具体步骤,让读者能够更好地理解
  • 部分项目采用测试驱动(TDD)的方式开发。

项目相关的介绍文章发布在 作者的博客.



  • Python3。理论上任何高于 Python3.6 的版本均可(但未验证)。目前使用的开发环境是 Python3.8

各个项目分别放在不同的目录下,命名方式遵照原先的名称,为了方便在代码中引用,部分空格或连字符(-)用下划线(_) 替代。对于使用迭代式开发的项目,每个步骤放在单独的目录下。

对于用 Python 实现的项目,请打开项目根目录下的, 找到特定的项目以及步骤编号,取消注释并运行。


Re-write code of "500 Lines or Less" project.







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