A super-simple skeleton Angular 2 app built with Babel and Browserify.
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Build Angular 2 app with Babel

A skeleton Angular 2 app built with Babel and Browserify.



Clone/fork this repo and:

npm install


Build once:

npm run build

Watch files and rebuild:

npm run watch
# or
npm start


npm install -g http-server
http-server public


Unit and e2e tests:

npm test

Unit tests:

npm run unit

e2e tests:

npm run e2e


Back in the time of angular2 alpha.18, angular/quickstart provided us to try Angular 2 app with on-the-fly transpilation and lazy-loading, which resulted in long waiting time for each file change. Also, I was not familiar with the Traceur tool stack and its output. angular2 npm package said The files under /es6 are es6 compatible files that can be transpiled to es5 using any transpiler. So I gave it a shot.

Babel transformer plugin

To support type annotation, parameter decorator and property decorator without initializer, this skeleton app uses the following external Babel transform plugin that I made: