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My personal dotfiles. Mostly for vim, tmux, git, etc.
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curl-format.txt feat(curl): add curl format for performance report Apr 10, 2017 Ergodox keyboard layout Jul 1, 2018 Customize zsh prompt Oct 8, 2019


My personal dotfiles.


Clone this repository to your home directory and run the init script.

cd ~
git clone


iTerm 2

  • Use iTerm 2 on Mac and set Preferences > Profiles > Terminal > Terminal Emulation > Report Terminal Type to xterm-256color.
  • 'Cobalt2' preset is my current favorite color preset.


At the bottom of ~/.bash_profile:

source ~/dotfiles/.bash_profile


At the bottom of ~/.zshrc`:

source ~/dotfiles/.zshrc


At the top of ~/.gitconfig:

  path = ~/dotfiles/.gitconfig

Diff of MS Office files (if necessary...)

To see diffs of MS Office files in text, install tika:

brew install tika

And add .gitattributes to your project.

*.pptx diff=office
*.docx diff=office
*.xlsx diff=office


To update plugins

:call dein#update()

To have a nice vim-airline status bar (if you want)

Install a font patched for vim-airline like Monaco font. Set it as Non-ASCII Font of iTerm2.

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