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Elm Compare

Set up

Check out repositories:

git clone git@github.com:shuhei/elm-compare.git
cd elm-compare
git clone git@github.com:ohanhi/elm-native-ui.git
git clone git@github.com:NoRedInk/elm-ops-tooling.git

Comment out require()s in elm-native-ui/src/Native/NativeUi/Elements.js. This setup uses the latest version of React Native while elm-native-ui was developed against react-native@0.37.0. The tweak in Element.js is necessary because NavigationExperimental module was removed from React Native. If you want to use React Navigation, you need to write your own adapter. This app just turns it off because it doesn't use the navigation stuff.

const _ohanhi$elm_native_ui$Native_NativeUi_Elements = function () {
  return {
    // navigationCardStack: require("NavigationCardStack"),
    // navigationHeader: require("NavigationHeader"),
    // navigationHeaderTitle: require("NavigationHeaderTitle"),

Publish elm-native-ui to ElmCompare:


Get a Dark Sky API key and put it into a secret JSON file at ElmCompare/secret.json:

  "apiKey": "Your API key"


cd ElmCompare
react-native run-ios
cd ElmCompare
npm run watch