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A DirectX 11 implementation of voxelization
C++ FLUX Lua C
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GPU-Based Voxelization

It is a GPU-based voxelization method to convert complex 3D scenes into high resolution voxel data in real-time. It uses a combination of vertex, geometry, and pixel shaders to generate voxel data from triangles. This system visualizes voxel data after converting, and it can store the voxel data in a file.




  • Mouse : Rotate camera (left click on press)
  • W : Move camera front
  • S : Move camera back
  • A : Move camera left
  • D : Move camera right


  • Model : Select a model to voxelize
  • Information : Select a type of data to show
  • Resolution: Select the resolution of voxels
  • Raw Data
    • Display : Show a slice of 3D texture
    • Slice : The index of slice
  • Voxelization : Re-voxelize the same model
  • Filename : The output file name
  • Output : Output the voxel data to a file
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