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🔥 A Vue-based server-side rendering framework
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Has not yet reached v1.0, but is almost stable, please use with caution

Build Status Maintained With lerna Version License Support me


Developed and maintained by

Front-end team of water drop

Setup Project

git clone
cd vapper
yarn install

Run unit test

yarn test:unit

Run E2E test

1. link

cd packages/core
yarn link

This makes the vapper command globally available.

2. run

Projects in the examples directory as test fixtures.

Test specified project:

yarn test:e2e [...projectName]
# E.g
yarn test:e2e poi vue-cli3

Test all project:

yarn test:e2e

Core Author

Vapper © HcySunYang, Released under the MIT License.
Authored and maintained by HcySunYang.

homepage · GitHub @HcySunYang · Twitter @HcySunYang

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