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Bayeux Pusher

This is a commandline tool to send a message to a Bayeux 1.0 compliant server. It can be a great tool to help test Bayeux server implementation as well.


  • Verbose mode to print out the HTTP requests sent and HTTP responses received
  • Can do HANDSHAKE/CONNECT before sending the message. And then do the DISCONNECT request afterward. In this mode, you can control the message ID you use.
  • Can skip HANDSHAKE/CONNECT/DISCONNECT completely and directly send the message to the server
  • Support passing in authentication information as "ext" field in the HANDSHAKE request
  • Support passing in authentication information through extra HTTP headers

You can run the tool with "-h" to see the help message



  1. Download the script onto your machine
  2. Make sure the script is in a directory that is in the $PATH
  3. Make sure the script is executable
  4. Make sure the php is in /usr/bin/php