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Command line interface for tracking investor updates
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Track email communications from the command line.

Currently only compatible with gmail accounts. Tested on OSX 10.10.5


$pip install koto

It's my first time using pip, so every dependency may not have been packaged.

Let me know which packages were not included.


Build a list of contacts by adding each person individually. Email is an optional argument, but highly recommended.

$koto add <firstname> <lastname> [<email>]

You can also import a list of contacts in CSV format. The import command will guide you through the process.

$koto import

The status command kinda sucks right now, but you can still use it. The most useful command is list -t

I'll make the readme better later. To learn more about command usage:

$koto --help

#Planned features

  • koto commit <firstname> [<lastname>] <commit>
  • Comprehensive koto status command w/ commit tree branches
  • Day -> month parser w/ hour support
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