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A React-based version of the New York Times Article Search application. Uses react to query and display articles based on user searches. Uses Node, Express and MongoDB to store articles.
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React News Reader

A NodeJS, MongoDB, Express, and ReactJS application

This app lets users query, display, and save headlines from the New York Times articles database.

The application may be run from Heroku, using this link.

The Search implementation allows the user to specify a subject as well as a data range (in years). The search is full-text, that is a search, for example, of * Topic: Hulme * Start Year: 1990 * End Year: 2018 will return articles in the date range that contain the word “Hulme” (a district in the city of Manchester, UK).

The user is able to click on the headline returned — the full text of the article will open in a separate window.

The NYT Article Search API is used to retrieve headlines( New York Times Article Search API). Users can delete saved articles as well.


Demo Video

Demo Video

Application Technology and Structure

For the user interface, Bootstrap is used for formatting. A conversion to Materialize-React is in progress and will be part of the next release.

This application uses ReactJS for rendering components and axios for internal/external API calls, a.

On the server side, the app uses express to serve routes and mongoose to interact with a MongoDB database.

webpack and babel transpile the JSX code located in the /app directory and its subsidiaries.

To Clone the Repo

  1. MongoDB must be installed and running on your local machine. Use $ mongod to start the Mongo daemon.
  2. In a second terminal window, clone the repo from
  3. Use yarn to init, install, and start the run-time environment and dependencies:
    • $ cd into the directory into which you cloned the repo.
    • $ yarn init
    • $ yarn install
    • $ yarn start
  4. Point your browser to localhost:3000 .

JSX Code Structure


This directory contains the main react file, app.jsx.


The purpose of this directory is to organize the components of the application into


These are the essential functional children of app.jsx:

  • Main.jsx
  • Query.jsx
  • Saved.jsx
  • Search.jsx


Contains api-routes.js, which provides the helper routes that get, post and delete articles.


If you make changes to the jsx files in /app and the subsidiary directory /app/components/sub-components, you must run the transpiler in order to see your changes.

To do this, use $ npm run bundle from the application’s root directory.

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