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Week 4 jQuery game
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# Crystal Collector Game#

Uses bootstrap and jQuery.

The Basics

  • There will be four crystals displayed as buttons on the page.
  • The player will be shown a random number at the start of the game.
  • When the player clicks on a crystal, it will add a specific amount of points to the player's total score.
  • The game will hide this amount until the player clicks a crystal.
  • Each time a player clicks one of the crystals the game will update the player's score.


  • The player wins if the player's total score matches the random number from the beginning of the game.
  • The player loses if the score goes exceeds the random number.
  • The game restarts whenever the player wins or loses.

Restart Processing

When the game restarts:

  1. The player will see a new random number.
  2. The crystals will have four new hidden values.
  3. The user's score (and score counter) will reset to zero.
  4. The app will show the number of games the player wins and loses.
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