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Bloodworks is a free top-down survival action game where you fight against an endless waves of monsters. The odds are not in your favor!

In Survival mode, you find new weapons as you fight, gain overpowered 'ultimate' weapons, unlock new perks as you level up. Currently there are 20 weapons and 5 ultimates you can eqip, 24 perks to choose and 15 bonuses to collect! The more will be added in future updates.

The game is extremely moddable. You can add new weapons, monsters, perks, bonuses or even mission types. The game play content of Bloodworks is written in Lua and Json and you can edit them by a text editor. You can download the mods that other people created or share your mods with others.

Bloodworks is still in development. Once it is finished, it will be completely free and open source. If you get a crash, the game will ask you to confirmation to send a crash report. It would greatly help me if you do so! Nothing personal is being sent to my servers, it is just console logs and any other information you provide in the crash report. You can also open a ticket or send feedback using my website if you prefer it.

If you want to contribute to the project or simply give feedback, my email address is (mail enginmercan.com). Source code can be found in my Github Page if you are interested.

The game can be played downloaded on Steam Steam or itchi.io


WASD: Move Around
Mouse: Aim
Left Click: Shoot
Right Click: Ultimate
R: Reload
Tab: Open perk menu (if leveled up)
F10 - Toggle full screen

You can find more information in readme.txt coughandcheatscough.

Controller support is there, but not heavily tested. It is on my todo list.


Sneak peak

Trailer (YouTube) Gameplay video (YouTube)


Documentation for scripting part will be here.



Bloodworks is distributed with a GPLv3 License. You can see LICENSE.md for more information.