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An extension to fugitive.vim for gitlab support
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fugitive.vim is undoubtedly the best Git wrapper of all time.

This plugin allows you to use it with or your own private gitlab instance.

  • Enables :Gbrowse from fugitive.vim to open GitLab URLs

  • In commit messages, GitLab issues can be omni-completed (<C-X><C-O>, see :help compl-omni).


Install it as you would install fugitive.vim (you will also need fugitive.vim installed)

To use private gitlab repositories add the following to your .vimrc

let g:fugitive_gitlab_domains = ['']

fugitive command :Gbrowse will now work with gitlab URLs.

Curl is required for features that use the GitLab API (i.e., :Gbrowse doesn't need it). Generate a personal access token with api permissions and add it to your vimrc

let g:gitlab_api_keys = {'': 'myaccesstoken'}

To use omnicompletion with a private gitlab repository

let g:gitlab_api_keys = {'': 'mytoken1', 'my.gitlab.private': 'mytoken2' }

Omnicompletion functionality is subject to change.


fugitive-gitlab.vim requires a modern fugitive.vim. API features require a gitlab instance with v4 of the API.


How do I turn off that preview window that shows the issue body?

set completeopt-=preview

Why doesn't this plugin have a pun name?

I couldn't think of one.


Copyright (c) Steven Humphrey. Distributed under the same terms as Vim itself. See :help license.

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