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Dstat input plugin for Fluent event collector
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Latest commit 810cb1f Shunsuke Mikami version 0.3.1

Dstat plugin for Fluentd

What's Dstat?

Dstat is a versatile replacement for vmstat, iostat, netstat and ifstat. If you need more detail, see here[] This plugin use Dstat, so you need to install Dstat before using this plugin.


  type dstat
  tag dstat
  option -c
  delay 3


Output Format

When you use option -a, you get structured output data like below.

{ "hostname":"tsukuba000", dstat":{"total cpu usage":"usr":"0.0","sys":"0.0","idl":"100.0","wai":"0.0","hiq":"0.0","siq":"0.0"}, "dsk/total":{"read":"0.0","writ":"0.0"},"net/total":{"recv":"148.0","send":"164.0"}, "paging":{"in":"0.0","out":"0.0"}, "system":{"int":"16.333","csw":"29.0"}} }

Supported options

aio, cpu, cpu24, disk, epoch, fs, int, int24, io, ipc, load, lock, mem, net, page, page24, proc, raw, socket, swap, swapold, sys, tcp, udp, unix, vm, disk-util, freespace, top-bio, top-cpu,top-io, top-mem, top-oom, utmp, top-io -fc


Copyright (c) 2011 Shunsuke Mikami. See LICENSE.txt for further details.

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