Data Center monitor, included zookeeper, kafka, druid
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A simple, lightweight Data Center monitor, currently includes Zookeeper, Kafka, Druid(in progress). Motivated by KafkaOffsetMonitor, but faster and more stable.

It is written in java, and use Prometheus as historical metrics storage.


The MIT License (MIT)

###Zookeeper monitor

###Kafka monitor

###Druid monitor


  • Run
  • Compile
    • maven
    • java(1.7 or later)


  • Set up your Zookeeper, Kafka, Druid(If you have) for monitoring.

  • Set up Prometheus/.

    • Download a Prometheus release 0.16.0 from and set it up following, you can stop before here if you don't want to go deep into prometheus. And don't worry, it is extremely easy.

    • Add a job to scrape DCMonitor's metrics, job config should looks like:

         - job_name: 'dcmonitor'
           scrape_interval: 5s
           scrape_timeout: 10s
             - targets: ['localhost:8075']

      Here localhost:8075 is the DCMonitor's host:port which web service listen on (configured in The completed example is here.

      After that go to http://<hostname>:9090/status, expected to see the dcmonitor endpoints in targets section. It is in UNHEALTHY state because we havn't set up DCMonitor web service yet!

  • Compile & deploy DCMonitor

    • Compile

       git clone
       cd DCMonitor

      Then a target folder will be generated under root folder.

    • Deploy

      You only need to deploy target,, config to target machine.

      Modify configurations in config/config.json and

      Run, will start the DCMonitor web service. If every thing is fine, visit http://<hostname>:8075 to enjoy!