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A Distributed, Fault-Tolerant Cron-Style Job System.
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cronsun Build Status

cronsun is a distributed cron-style job system. It's similar with crontab on stand-alone *nix.



The goal of this project is to make it much easier to manage jobs on lots of machines and provides high availability. cronsun is different from Azkaban, Chronos, Airflow.


  • Easy manage jobs on multiple machines
  • Management panel
  • Mail service
  • Multi-language support
  • Simple authentication and accounts manager(default administrator email and password:


cronsun has been tested in production for years on hundreds of servers. Although the current version is not release as an stable version, but we think it is completely available for the production environment. We encourage you to try it, it's easy to use, see how it works for you. We believe you will like this tool.


           (add/del/update/exec jobs)|                        |(query job exec result)
                                   [etcd]                 [mongodb]
                                     |                        ^
                            --------------------              |
                            |        |         |              |
                         [node.1]  [node.2]  [node.n]         |
             (job exec fail)|        |         |              |
          [send mail]<-----------------------------------------(job exec result)


cronsun support security with security.json config. When open=true, job command is only allow local files with special extension on the node.

    "open": true,
    "#users": "allowed execution users",
    "users": [
        "www", "db"
    "#ext": "allowed execution file extensions",
    "ext": [
        "", ""

Getting started

Setup / installation

Install from binary latest release

Or build from source, require go >= 1.11+.

NOTE: The branch master is not in stable, using Cronsun for production please checkout corresponding tags.

export GO111MODULE=on
go get -u
cd $GOPATH/src/
go mod vendor


  1. Install MongoDB
  2. Install etcd3
  3. Open and update Etcd(conf/etcd.json) and MongoDB(conf/db.json) configurations
  4. Start cronnode: ./cronnode -conf conf/base.json, start cronweb: ./cronweb -conf conf/base.json
  5. Open in browser
  6. Login with username and password admin



Exec result:




cron is base on robfig/cron

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