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import numpy as np
class PerceptronClassifier:
'''Preceptron Binary Classifier uses Perceptron Learning Algorithm
to classify two classes data.
number_of_attributes : int
The number of attributes of the data set.
class_labels : tuple of the class labels
The class labels can be anything as long as it has only two types of labels.
weights : list of float
The list of weights corresponding input attributes.
misclassify_record : list of int
The number of misclassification for each training sample.
def __init__(self, number_of_attributes: int, class_labels: ()):
# Initialize the weights to zero
# The size is the number of attributes plus the bias, i.e. x_0 * w_0
self.weights = np.zeros(number_of_attributes + 1)
# Record of the number of misclassify for each training sample
self.misclassify_record = []
# Build the label map to map the original labels to numerical labels
# For example, ['a', 'b'] -> {0: 'a', 1: 'b'}
self._label_map = {1: class_labels[0], -1: class_labels[1]}
self._reversed_label_map = {class_labels[0]: 1, class_labels[1]: -1}
def _linear_combination(self, sample):
'''linear combination of sample and weights'''
return np.inner(sample, self.weights[1:])
def train(self, samples, labels, max_iterator=10):
'''Train the model
samples : two dimensions list
Training data set
labels : list of labels
The class labels of the training data
max_iterator : int
The max iterator to stop the training process
in case the training data is not converaged.
# Transfer the labels to numerical labels
transferred_labels = [self._reversed_label_map[index] for index in labels]
for _ in range(max_iterator):
misclassifies = 0
for sample, target in zip(samples, transferred_labels):
linear_combination = self._linear_combination(sample)
update = target - np.where(linear_combination >= 0.0, 1, -1)
# use numpy.multiply to multiply element-wise
self.weights[1:] += np.multiply(update, sample)
self.weights[0] += update
# record the number of misclassification
misclassifies += int(update != 0.0)
if misclassifies == 0:
def classify(self, new_data):
'''Classify the sample based on the trained weights
new_data : two dimensions list
New data to be classified
List of int
The list of predicted class labels.
predicted_result = np.where((self._linear_combination(new_data) + self.weights[0]) >= 0.0, 1, -1)
return [self._label_map[item] for item in predicted_result]