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The socket 1.0 client in Swift. It includes xhr polling and websocket transports.

This is a port from socketio.client, which means the code structure are quite similar.

Motivation & Contribute

For our startup project, we running socketio1.0 in our server, and needs an iOS client. I tried my best to find the iOS client, but with no luck.

I am still dogfooding it, any issue report, pull request are welcomed.


Untill CocoaPod's swift library support story completes, it is much easier just copy all files and put them in your project. The framework way is troublesome and I won't bother to mark them down here.

Files needs to copied:

All swift files under Vender

All swift files under SocketIOCocoa



Create a client

var client = SocketIOClient(uri: uri, reconnect: true, timeout: 30)

Create a socket

var socket = client.socket("namespace")
// Set a delegate on socket

The SocketIOSocketDelegate

@objc public protocol SocketIOSocketDelegate {
    // Called when the socket received a low level packet
    optional func socketOnPacket(socket: SocketIOSocket, packet: SocketIOPacket)
    // Called when the socket received an event
    func socketOnEvent(socket: SocketIOSocket, event: String, data: AnyObject?)
    // Called when the socket is open
    func socketOnOpen(socket: SocketIOSocket)
    // Called when the socket is on error
    func socketOnError(socket: SocketIOSocket, error: String, description: String?)

Send message to server, when a callback provides, it will require an ACK or BinaryACK from server, then the callback will be called.

socket.event("message", data: [1,2,3]) { (packet) -> Void in
self.waitForExpectationsWithTimeout(300, handler: nil)


Create a client

self.client = [[SocketIOClient alloc] initWithUri: @"http://<server ip>/" transports:@[@"polling", @"websocket"] autoConnect:YES reconnect:YES reconnectAttempts:0 reconnectDelay:5 reconnectDelayMax:30 timeout:30];
[self.client open];

Create a socket

self.apiSocket = [self.client socket:@"namespace"];
self.apiSocket.delegate = self;

The SocketIOSocketDelegate

Socket received event with data

- (void)socketOnEvent:(SocketIOSocket *)socket event:(NSString *)event data:(id)data

Socket on open

- (void)socketOnOpen:(SocketIOSocket *)socket{

Socket on error, description is a detailed message for the error

- (void)socketOnError:(SocketIOSocket *)socket error:(NSString *)error description:(NSString *)description

Socket on packet, lower level packet, used to tracking socket activity.

- (void)socketOnPacket:(SocketIOSocket *)socket packet:(SocketIOPacket *)packet;

Under the hood

Alamofire for xhr polling, starscream for websocket. GCD for async tasks.


Performance enhaucement