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This is the experiment configuration for the paper A Call for Prudent Choice of Subword Merge Operations in Neural Machine Translation. The complicated nature of MT system building pipeline and the sheer number of experiments we ran to come up with the conclusions in the paper led us tape4nmt, an experiment pipeline management systems. These configurations would also allow you to easily reproduce our numbers as closely as possible. If you haven't used tape4nmt before, please take your time to set up and get familiar with the structure of tape4nmt configuration files before you attempt to reproduce our experiments.

Reproducing Main Results (Architecture Results)

These configurations we used to obtain the main results could be found in exps_deep_lstm exps_deep_transformer exps_shallow_lstm exps_shallow_transformer and exps_tiny_lstm directory, each corresponding to configurations used to run experiments of one architecture. Each of these directories has 16 files and a sub-directory tapes/. Unless you are a power-user who knows how to edit ducttape files, you shouldn't need to touch anything in the tapes/ directory.

Each pairs of *.tape and *.tconf files consist experiment configurations for one language pair. Suppose you would like to reproduce Arabic-English experiments, you would run:

ducttape aren.tape -C aren.tconf

Reproducing Joint/Separate BPE Results

These configurations could be found in exps_sepbpe. The structure and usage of the contents in this directory are the same as above.

Reproducing Language Analysis Results

You could reproducing these results by running:

cd regression
python --data-path data_lang_more_filtered.csv

Reproducing Random Seed Results

We use fixed random seed by default for optimal reproducibility. To gauge variance with different random seed, simply modify the train_seed variable in any *.tconf file into an empty string (don't delete the variable though).

Reproducing High-Resource Results

These configurations could be found in exps_medium_scale. The structure of the directory is largely the same except that we only experimented with two different languages, so you would only find 4 files (two with ruen.* and two others with enru.*) instead of 16.


Experiment scripts for "A Call for Prudent Choice of Subword Merge Operations in Neural Machine Translation"






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