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# vi: set et ts=2 sw=2:
import sys
from os import listdir, getcwd, environ, devnull
from os.path import abspath, normpath, split, join, expanduser, isfile, isdir, isabs, splitdrive, splitext
import subprocess as sp
import ycm_core
cc = 'g++'
dirname = lambda x: split(x)[0]
basename = lambda x: split(x)[1]
database = None
def head_cat(p):
with open(p, 'r') as f:
return f.readline()
except IOError:
return ''
def default_cast(ttype, value, deflt=None):
return ttype(value)
except ValueError:
if deflt is None:
return ttype()
return deflt
def is_root_dir(d):
if isdir(d) and (basename(abspath(d)) == 'trunk' or basename(abspath(join(d, '..'))) in ('tags', 'branches')):
return True
for f in listdir(d):
p = join(d, f)
if isfile(p) and f in ('', 'Jamroot', 'Jamroot.jam', 'project-root.jam'):
return True
elif isdir(p):
if f in ('.git', '.hg', '.bzr'):
return True
# .svn/format >= 12 means svn client 1.7 with centralized meta-data.
elif f == '.svn' and default_cast(long, head_cat(join(p, 'format'))) >= 12:
return True
return False
def get_root_dir(cwd=None):
if cwd is None: cwd = getcwd()
while (normpath(splitdrive(cwd)[1]) not in ('/', '\\', '')):
if is_root_dir(cwd):
return cwd
cwd = join(cwd, '..')
return None
def abslistdir(p):
absp = abspath(p)
return (join(absp, x) for x in listdir(absp))
here = dirname(abspath(__file__))
root = get_root_dir(here)
if not root:
root = here[:]
if isfile(join(root, 'compile_commands.json')):
database = ycm_core.CompilationDatabase(root)
if not database.DatabaseSuccessfullyLoaded():
database = None
path_flags = ['-isystem', '-I', '-iquote', '--sysroot=']
def StripPathFlags(f):
for p in path_flags:
if f.startswith(p):
if len(f) > len(p): return f[len(p):]
else: return ''
return f
def SplitPathFlags(fs):
new_fs = []
for f in fs:
new_f = [f]
for p in path_flags:
lenp = len(p)
if f.startswith(p) and len(f) > lenp:
new_f = [f[:lenp], f[lenp:]]
return new_fs
#def YcmIncludeFlags():
# """Pointless: done automatically."""
# return ['-I', join(expanduser('~'), '.vim', '.bundle', 'YouCompleteMe', 'python', 'clang_includes')]
#def SystemIncludeFlags():
# """Pointless? Automatically get std library with automatic Ycm-clang_includes."""
# flags = []
# try:
# with open(devnull, 'rb') as null:
# env = environ.copy()
# env['LC_ALL'] = 'C'
# stdout = sp.check_output(
# [cc, '-v', '-x', 'c++', '-c', '-'], env=env, universal_newlines=True
# , stderr=sp.STDOUT, stdin=null.fileno()
# )
# except:
# pass
# else:
# in_includes = False
# for line in stdout.splitlines():
# l = line.strip()
# if l == 'End of search list.':
# in_includes = False
# elif in_includes and line.startswith(' '):
# flags.extend(['-isystem', l])
# elif l.endswith('search starts here:'):
# in_includes = True
# return flags
def DefaultFlags():
paths = (absp for absp in abslistdir(root) if isdir(absp) and not basename(absp).startswith('.'))
fs = ['-x', 'c++', '-std=c++11', '-I', root]
for path in paths:
includes = [p for p in abslistdir(path) if isdir(p) and basename(p) in ('include', 'inc')]
if not includes:
fs.extend(['-I', path])
for inc in includes:
fs.extend(['-I', inc])
return fs
def CustomFlags():
return [ \
"-isystem", "/Users/shuoyang/.local/lib/", \
"-isystem", "/Users/shuoyang/Workspace/moses/opt/include/boost/" \
def MakeRelativePathsInFlagsAbsolute(fs, working_directory):
if not working_directory:
return list(fs)
new_fs = []
make_next_absolute = False
for f in fs:
new_f = f
if make_next_absolute:
make_next_absolute = False
if not f.startswith('/'):
new_f = join(working_directory, f)
for p in path_flags:
if f == p:
make_next_absolute = True
if f.startswith(p):
path = f[len(p):]
new_f = p + join(working_directory, path)
if new_f:
return new_fs
def StripNonFlags(fs):
"""Please rewrite this: check for desired flags instead of removing unwanted ones."""
if not fs:
return []
non_flag_opts = ('-c', '-o')
non_flag_args = ('-W', '-O', '-f', '-pipe', '-g', '-m')
new_fs = [fs[0]]
is_arg = False
skip_next = False
for f in fs[1:]:
if skip_next:
skip_next = False
elif not is_arg and f in non_flag_opts:
skip_next = True
elif not any((f.startswith(a) for a in non_flag_args)):
if is_arg:
is_arg = False
elif f.startswith('-') and len(f) > 1:
is_arg = True
elif not f.startswith('-'):
return new_fs
def AddSourceStdFlags(fs):
if not fs:
return []
fs = fs[:]
explicit_std = False
std = None
for f in fs:
if f.startswith('-std='):
explicit_std = True
std = f
explicit_src = False
src = None
is_arg = False
is_src = False
for f in fs:
if is_src:
explicit_src = True
src = f
elif not is_arg and f == '-x':
is_src = True
elif f.startswith('-') and len(f) > 1:
is_arg = True
elif is_arg:
is_arg = False
cc = fs[0]
if not src:
if cc.endswith('++') or cc.startswith('cl'):
src = 'c++'
elif cc.startswith('cc') or cc.endswith('cc') or cc.startswith('clang'):
src = 'c'
if not src and std:
if std.find('++') >= 0:
src = 'c++'
src = 'c'
elif src and not std:
std = '-std=' + src + '11'
elif not src and not std:
src = 'c++'
std = '-std=c++11'
if not explicit_std and std:
fs.insert(1, std)
if not explicit_src and src:
fs.insert(1, src)
fs.insert(1, '-x')
return fs
def HeaderToSources(filename):
"""Convert a header filename into a sequence of potential source filenames."""
head = splitext(filename)[0]
if filename.endswith('.h'):
return (head + e for e in ('.cc', '.cpp', '.c'))
elif filename.endswith('.hh'):
return (head + '.cc',)
elif filename.endswith('.hpp'):
return (head + '.cpp',)
elif filename.endswith('.hxx'):
return (head + '.cxx',)
return (filename,)
def FlagsForFile(filename):
if database:
for f in HeaderToSources(filename):
# GetCompilationInfoForFile returns a "list-like" StringVec object.
compilation_info = database.GetCompilationInfoForFile(abspath(f))
flags = AddSourceStdFlags(StripNonFlags(MakeRelativePathsInFlagsAbsolute(
compilation_info.compiler_working_dir_ )))[1:]
if flags:
if (not flags) or (not database):
flags = DefaultFlags()
return {'flags': SplitPathFlags(flags), 'do_cache': True}