A JavaScript only UI for use with VegaDNS-API
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VegaDNS UI is a JavaScript UI for VegaDNS-API. Once you check out this branch, you'll need to bundle up the JavaScript before you can use it using npm. Once npm is installed, you can go into the root directory of this branch and do the following

npm install
npm run-script build

If you want to run this locally, you can run the webpack-dev-server by typing the following:

npm run-script watch

Then you can point your browser to http://localhost:8080/webpack-dev-server. By default, it points at a local API server at http://localhost:5000 (flask test server default). If you want to change this, uncomment and modify the VegaDNSHost variable in public/index.html.

Docker container configuration

| env variable | default | description | | - | - | - | | API_URL | http://localhost:5000/ | Sets the location of the VegaDNS-API host. |