Unfinished multiplayer tactical 2D shooter indie game.
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eX0 is an unfinished networked multiplayer (and single-player) top-down view 2D tactical shooter indie game.

It was originally envisioned as a realistic recreation of Counter-Strike in 2D, but since most of the gameplay is not implemented nor finalized, it can end up being quite different (if I ever decide to finish it).

Its networking model is mostly based on the Half-Life and Quake networking models, with some tweaks and improvements based on ideas by Glenn Fiedler. Some info can be found in this blog post including the comments section.

The C++ code was written over multiple decades (starting from around 2002-2006). Some of of it has been untouched since it was written back when I was just learning C++ and development in general. There are lots of hacks and ugly code, most of it is not optimized. A lot of it was refactored and improved too, but much is simply unfinished. It's unlikely to be worthwhile to others; I'm mostly putting it up so all my code is in one good place, and I no longer see any benefit to keep it closed source.

There is slow part-time work being done to port it to Go, see eX0-go subfolder.







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