Like gofmt, but for Markdown.
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Like gofmt, but for Markdown.

Markdown Format Demo

Note that markdownfmt works with pure Markdown files. If you want to use it with Markdown files that have front matter, consider one of alternatives that supports that.


go get -u

Add $GOPATH/bin to your $PATH or copy $GOPATH/bin/markdownfmt to your $PATH.


usage: markdownfmt [flags] [path ...]
  -d=false: display diffs instead of rewriting files
  -l=false: list files whose formatting differs from markdownfmt's
  -w=false: write result to (source) file instead of stdout

Editor Plugins


  • mdfmt - Fork of markdownfmt that adds front matter support.
  • tidy-markdown - Project with similar goals, but written in JS and based on a slightly different styleguide.