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Add documentation for Subscribe method.

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dmitshur committed Sep 18, 2017
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@@ -28,6 +28,13 @@ type Service interface {
// ExternalService for notifications.
type ExternalService interface {
// Subscribe subscribes subscribers to the specified thread.
// If threadType and threadID are 0, subscribers are subscribed
// to watch the entire repo.
// THINK: Why is MarkRead and MarkAllRead 2 separate methods instead of 1,
// but this is combined into one method? Maybe there should be:
// SubscribeAll(ctx context.Context, repo RepoSpec, subscribers []users.UserSpec) error
// Or maybe MarkAllRead should be merged into MarkRead?
Subscribe(ctx context.Context, repo RepoSpec, threadType string, threadID uint64, subscribers []users.UserSpec) error
// MarkRead marks the specified thread as read.

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