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Daniel Shusta
Daniel Shusta Long overdue update
Merging in changes we made for Nice Mohawk's Ita. Full ARC support,
nothing but ARC. iOS 5+ only because of __weak. Tentative iOS 6 support.

Fixes an issue where ARC causes the NSNotification observer to over
retain self. #9

Uses iOS 5's new moving cell tableview methods rather than
delete/insert pairing.

Added separate LICENSE file. #10
Latest commit 8868353 Aug 24, 2012


Daniel Shusta
Acacia Tree Software
<my first name> @ acaciatreesoftware.com

ATSDragToReorderTableViewController is a UITableViewController subclass that adds drag and drop reordering to a UITableView. 

I developed it as part of Acacia Tree Software’s SousChef for iPhone and it has since become an integral part of Ita for sister company Nice Mohawk. This is definitely a eating-our-own-dogfood piece of code.

A UITableView with this functionality can be reordered without switching into edit mode. It’s simply a press and hold to start, then drag the cell to reorder. The UITableView automatically scrolls when approaching the top or bottom of the UITableView.


It is straightforward to incorporate into your app. 

	1.  Instead of subclassing from UITableViewController, you subclass from ATSDragToReorderTableViewController. 

	2.  Then implement the UITableViewDataSource method -tableView:moveRowAtIndexPath:toIndexPath: . You might have already done this.

	3.	If you want to better support iOS <redacted>, you'll want to check out -cellIdenticalToCellAtIndexPath:forDragTableViewController: I am very annoyed about this.

The included sample app includes these changes as a demonstration. Further details are described at the top of the ATSDragToReorderTableViewController.h .

For those curious, ATSDragToReorderTableViewController.m includes a fairly comprehensive overview of the implementation at the top and is ridiculously over-commented throughout.


ATSDragToReorderTableViewController relies on UIGestureRecognizer and uses block-based animations throughout. It now has full support for ARC and I'm too lazy to continue to support non-ARC projects so this will be iOS 5+ only from now on.

Licensing info is at the very top of the files as well as in a file called LICENSE.


I am trying to be reserved here but I am pretty excited about this and hope you find this exciting too.

Daniel Shusta