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kajboj committed Feb 22, 2013
1 parent be7605a commit cb4dba61dcca17361e96a4b1ea0f9f7f9b415ea7
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  1. +3 −4 lib/shutl/resource/errors.rb
@@ -9,10 +9,9 @@ def initialize message, http_response
# This NoQuotesGenerated is shutl specific corresponding to HTTP status 299.
-# We had a good think about what the correct HTTP code is for the case that
-# the request is fine, but we couldn't generate any quotes. It doesn't feel
-# like a 4xx or a 5xx, but not quite like a 2xx either. Comments/thoughts
-# more than welcome.
+# The correct solution to this would be to remove this exception from the gem
+# and handle specifically in a QuoteCollection resource in for example the
+# 'shutl' gem.
Shutl::NoQuotesGenerated = Shutl::Resource::Error
Shutl::BadRequest = Shutl::Resource::Error

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