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Releases: shutter-project/shutter

v0.99.4: fix crash for new installs

11 Mar 11:15
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Two further bugs have been fixed after the recent 0.99.3 release:

  • Fix not appearing tray icon on system startup under rare circumstances
  • Fix crash on launch for new installs

v0.99.3: Some more bug fixes for 2023

04 Mar 21:11
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After a long time there is another bugfix release:

  • Improved code quality a bit, added a few unit tests (thanks to Alexander Ruzhnikov!)
  • Fixed font size in the editor
  • Fixed loading of profiles
  • Fixed crash when taking too small screenshots
  • Fixed appearance of the web capture button
  • Fixed XML schema of AppData
  • Allow more valid character in filenames
  • Removed dysfunctional upload plugins
  • Added a visible warning about limited functionality on Wayland

New dependency: Moo

Dropped dependencies: libwww-mechanize-perl, libwww-perl, libnet-oauth-perl

v0.99.2: This shouldn't have happened

25 Oct 15:35
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Fix for previous version. I acidentally had left a debug
code there, resulting in wayland-specific code to be executed for X11 system.

v0.99.1: Compatibility with future

17 Oct 14:09
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A small fix-mostly release.

The fix is the compatibility with GLib 2.70. GLib strictened the way how GApplication is initialized, and Shutter apparently was doing it incorrectly before, resulting in inability to run Shutter again to bring up the main window, or to take screenshots from command line. The fix works with older GLib as well.

The new feature is a rudimentary Wayland support. Don't get too excited about it yet. All it does is it asks the compositor to let user take the screenshot, and user will be presented with some implementation-defined UI to select the window or area, which we cannot control at all. Maybe the limitations will be lifted in future, but no promises. Also there are multiple cases where it doesn't work, e.g.:

  • The compositor doesn't even support XDG Desktop Portal API
  • The backend for the XDG Desktop Portal API doesn't match the compositor running, e.g. Gnome's portal backend cannot take screenshot on KDE, and instead it silently does nothing

We can't even meaningfully handle these cases, other than adding a huge timeout to the call, because perhaps the user is just taking time interacting the UI shown by the portal backend.

Finally, dependency on Gtk3::ImageView is bumped to v10: the improved selection tool added in Shutter 0.98 got moved upstream.

v0.99: Needs title

03 Sep 22:42
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  • Fixed several more regressions of the Gtk3 switch:
    • Fixed File->Open dialog
    • Fixed Autoscroll option of the Draw tool
  • Added support for gir1.2-ayatanaappindicator3, because some distros don't have gir1.2-appindicator3 anymore. If neither of AppIndicator3 nor AyatanaAppIndicator3 is available, on some DEs you will miss the tray icon, so it's recommended to have at least one of these 2 libraries installed.
  • Fixed schema of the appdata XML, use https in URLs in it
  • Added search keywords to the shutter.desktop file
  • Icons cleanup
    • Dropped a copy of the whole Tango icon set, which was usable from the Draw Tool. Any icon can still be imported from the the local disk, including even Tango ones if they are installed
    • Fixed shutter icon size
    • Removed duplication of the same icons
    • Removed logo images for dropped image hosters

v0.98: Further fixes

04 Aug 11:08
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  • show main window when launching Shutter and an instance is already running
  • in selection mode allow to move the selection
  • in selection mode allow to trigger the screenshot with doubleclick
  • fix the Print button
  • when uploading a screenshot via FTP, copying the URL to clipboard is now functional
  • fix the "Torn paper" and "Watermark" plugins

v0.97: Fixing regressions of 0.96

19 Jun 14:55
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Crash fixes:

  • when doing screenshot if "include cursor" is set
  • when using text annotation tools in the editor
  • when launching on Wayland. Note that the screenshot functionality is still not available on Wayland yet
  • when using a DE without a dedicated Pictures/ directory


  • the tray icon wasn't shown on Gnome, making it impossible to interact with the app after the main window is closed/hidden
    • if both libappindicator is not available and the legacy tray icon doesn't work (it's not supported by gnome), closing the window will now terminate the application rather than hiding it to the non-existing tray
  • copy to clipboard didn't work
  • capturing full screen on multiple screens didn't work

v0.96: GTK3 port

22 May 18:56
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New Shutter update, 0.96, is here! It drops dependency on Gtk2, and starts depending on Gtk3 instead.

More specifically, these perl dependencies are gone:

  • Gtk2
  • Gtk2::ImageView
  • Gtk2::Unique
  • Gtk2::AppIndicator
  • Gnome2::Wnck
  • Goo::Canvas

These dependencies are new:

The feature of taking a section of window is removed (or, rather, commented out), because it didn't work with the way how modern Qt and Gtk were drawing their windows anyway.

Possible issues:

  • Multiple screens might or might not be broken
  • HiDPI screens might do screenshot of a nested menu in a wrong place

If you encounter these, or other issue, and/or have an idea how to fix them, please tell us.

v0.95: Dependency updates

30 Jan 14:30
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  • almost fully dropped the dependency on the outdated Perl Gnome2 library

  • updated translations

  • removed dependencies:

    • Arch: gnome-perl, gnome-vfs-perl
    • Debian: libgnome2-perl, libgnome2-vfs-perl
  • new dependencies:

    • Arch: perl-number-bytes-human, perl-glib-object-introspection
    • Debian: libnumber-bytes-human-perl, libglib-object-introspection-perl