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This are the sources of It is the documentation of the service, implemented as a static site. It uses the eleventy static site generator.


First, install the dependencies, as usual:

npm install
# or
yarn install

Now you can start working on the docs:

# Start a development server that serves the site and reloads it on file change
npm run dev

To statically build the site for deployment (you will usually not need to do that manually):

npm run build

Files and Directories

Find all the site's source files in docs/site. The page contents can be found in the markdown files.

Create a new markdown file to get a new page. The directory you place it in and the filename will determine the path of the resulting HTML page.


Create a pull request. The repository is linked to netlify, which will automatically deploy the updated site to when the pull request is merged into the master branch.

It will also create a preview deployment when you open the pull request. Easy as cake! 🍰