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⛔️ DEPRECATED - PHP Client for the Bigstock API
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This repo is no longer publicly supported.


PHP Client for the Bigstock API. Full documentation is available at Self-serve signup for API accounts are available in the Partners section of Bigstock.


Install the Bigstock PHP Client with Composer.

"require": {
    "bigstock/bigstock": "0.1"


Create an instance of the Bigstock API Client by passing in your API ID and API Secret as parameters. The client will then handle any authentication when required.

$bigstock = new Bigstock\Bigstock('API ID', 'API Secret');

Perform a search and check for a successful result

$search_params = array('q'=>'dog');
$result = $bigstock->search( $search_params );
if ($result->message == 'success') {
    $pages = $result->data->paging;
    $images = $result->data->images;

Loop through search results and create HTML to display images

$html = '';
foreach( $images as $image ) {
    $html .= "<img src='{$image->small_thumb->url}' title='{$image->title}' height='{$image->small_thumb->height}' width='{$image->small_thumb->width}'>";
echo $html;

Get detailed information about an image

$result = $bigstock->getImage(22411445);
if ($result->message == 'success') {
    $formats = $result->data->image->formats;
    $preview_url = $result->data->image->preview->url;

Purchase and download an image

$result = $bigstock->getPurchase(22411445, 'l');
if ($result->message == 'success') {
    // Get the URL to the file to download separately
    $file_url = $bigstock->getDownloadUrl($result->data->download_id);
    // Or download the file directly
    $file = $bigstock->download($result->data->download_id);


MIT © 2014-2017 Brent Baisley