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I'm trying to update a charts time series without having to create a new one. At the moment i'm having to do:

 //  really - do i have to do it like this?
// series is our new time serieses, which might be
// longer, higher time resolution (or lower), have more categories, etc.
for (i in series) {
    chart.series[i] = series[i];

// remove any elements larger than the lenght of the new series.
if (chart.series.length > series.length) {
    chart.series.splice(series.length, chart.series.length - series.length);

where series is my new series object, and chart is a RickshawGraph object.

I've tried using

chart.configure({series : series})

but it isn't working. is this expected behaviour?



Maybe graph.series.addData() works?


Found here: http://code.shutterstock.com/rickshaw/examples/fixed.html


Not sure if this helps you, but I stumbled on this issue a bit lower on the issues list:


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