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Pie chart #127

nodesocket opened this Issue · 79 comments

First, amazing job.

Would it be possible to build a pie chart type? It is the only critical visualization type missing.








@drsm79 drsm79 referenced this issue from a commit in drsm79/rickshaw
@drsm79 drsm79 Taking a stab at issue #127 22ee554



@drsm79: Thanks for the stab.

If we're going to add a pie chart renderer I'd like for it to keep with the time series theme of the rest of the library. So instead of each point within a series being a slice, I think we want each series itself to be a slice, and if there are multiple points per series then we have multiple pies. In that scenario I think we'd also want the area of each pie to be proportional to the sum of the values at that x-offset.

That way we can still represent change over time via pie charts, but we can also represent simple proportions for a single point in time if that's all we need.


@dchester nice idea. I'll try and get some time to work on cleaning the code up and making that change in the next few weeks.


+1, would be awsome.










Yes please add it. Rickshaw is so awesome but I can't use it until there is no pie chart! Furthermore it's the only js library built on top of D3 that works really well and is documented.


@dchester: any news about this?


+1...keep up the great work!












After all these +1's it should be the time for someone to implement it... I'd do it myself but I don't know enough Javascript to do something like this.




Ok I've counted them all... +100000000000.
So now, let's put the cards on the table, is there any planing for this feature?
Lots of us would be glad to help. Could we start with a feature/API description of what's required?




-1 ... oh no wait +2








At this point I think a statement would be nice, no?






C'mon guys! +1


+1. Its been almost 2 years. Cmon, we are still waiting.


hi,I think that we can't use rickshaw until there is no pie chart, and after 2 years this issue is opened!! I add a class to reach Pie chart, I understand that it is not complete, but we can start it and then complete it.




+1 do u guys accept btc as incentive?




What does if someone send a pull request? Giving +1 is the easy way guys... Let's work, this is open source!





Wow, look at this issue! I shall look to c3.js or nvd3 for this functionality.


OP here. might be the solution.


Chart.js is canvas-based - I wager that Rickshaw developers are more interested in SVG based solutions such as the other D3 derivatives.


This thread is like "back to the future" ... every now and then you get back to it, but it's stuck in 1955 ;)

also D3/svg. but hasn't been active for 2 years.
also D3, active.

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