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Hi ya,

I've created a high quality tutorial screencast on using rickshaw in angularjs.

It would be great if you could link to it on the readme or on or both :)

The screencast takes you through binding to some real data, adding axes, showing a customized tooltip, panning and zooming, etc.
It also showcase the ease with which you can customize the components through CSS.

This is the url for the screencast:

Would you please consider linking to it?


amcdnl commented Feb 12, 2014

@hendrikswan GREAT POST! Would you consider posting the final code and demo somewhere?

Sure thing, will get right on it.


cesine commented Jul 26, 2017

hi @hendrikswan a couple weeks back i was working on adding examples for frameworks like angular and i found your screencast, it's pretty awesome! i sent you a pr to fix a bug in the render hendrikswan/tagtree-rickshaw#2 im hoping to wrap up the examples in a few weeks, probably building on what you built and including links to the screencast etc...

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