This pull request mostly fixes #181 #182

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RangeSlider and Smoother now accept optional wrapper that can be used to provide alternative solution to jquery/jqueryUI.

SeriesToggle now accepts sortable:false config var that will make the jquery DND codepath optional.

This brings rickshaw to be almost completly js framework agnostic and mostly fixes #181 bug report.

#181 will be 100% fixed after I come up with alternative DND solution - I think it might be a good idea to ship native HTML5 implementation of DND, and then fallback to jquery/wrapper around some other lib.


this pull request also fixes #184 :-)


I like the spirit of these changes. It would be nice to see some working examples with alternate controllers. I'll take a closer look through.



Please download this gist and check it with your browser:

It uses dojo instead jquery, it replaces smoother and range slider with dojo widgets, and after 10 seconds it replaces all the series with completly new data via graph.configure(series:new_data).

The rickshaw version used is latest trunk build from my repo with all the changes referenced in tickets.


Thanks -- these changes look good so far, but since it's a number of different ideas in one pull request it will take some time to go through. With luck we'll have a chance to dig in this coming week.


Ok, Im not sure if there is a way to send a pull request with specific commits, I just fixed issues from the tickets i submitted :-)

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Hey @ergo,
Do you have any interest in adding tests for this PR? I know it's been awhile, the changes you proposed look good however. I'm going to close this PR for now and tag it as a WIP so we can re-open if you're interested.

Thanks for your initial contribution!

@tlackemann tlackemann closed this Apr 8, 2016
@tlackemann tlackemann added the WIP label Apr 8, 2016

@tlackemann Sorry, I'm not using rickshaw anymore, if someone is interested feel free to port it to current version if the lib.

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