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Force content to overflow containing div and not be hidden #371

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This might be me doing something wrong, but I have found that when displaying a y-axis in a separate div, that the content does not display correctly unless the containing div's height is tall enough for the axis labels (the div does not expand to the content). Whilst I could specify the containing div's height (to be the same as the graph), it would be better if that wasn't necessary.

You can see the problem here: (this is based on the main y-axis example, except I have removed the absolute div positioning).

This seems to be because an overflow:hidden is being inherited from somewhere (I couldn't work out where - it's not the svg block). I have found that adding overflow:visible to .rickshaw_graph works (as per this pull request), but I'm not sure whether this will adversely affect anything else. Removing the overflow:hidden from ".rickshaw_graph svg" does not work, and I assume that is there for a reason anyway).



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  1. +1 −0  src/css/graph.css
1  src/css/graph.css
@@ -2,6 +2,7 @@
.rickshaw_graph {
position: relative;
+ overflow: visible;
.rickshaw_graph svg {
display: block;
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