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watch method #6

huei90 opened this Issue · 3 comments

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Huei Tan Shuvalov Anton
Huei Tan

Is It possible to add watch in grunt-ect ?
In ect, there is a option

watch — Automatic reloading of changed templates, defaulting to false (useful for debugging with enabled cache, not supported for client-side)

But In grunt-ect, I saw nothing about this.

Hope this can be added in grunt-ect.


Shuvalov Anton

I suggest you to try this:

  ect: {
    test: {
      options: {
        ext: '.ect',
        root: 'tests/ect',
        watch: true

but I don't test it. Please, tell me in any case.

Shuvalov Anton

@huei90 is it works for you?

Huei Tan


Sorry I haven't tried It yet, I will tell u If I try it.

Huei Tan huei90 closed this
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