Language Detection with Infinity-gram
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ldig (Language Detection with Infinity Gram)

This is a prototype of language detection for short message service (twitter). with 99.1% accuracy for 17 languages


  1. Extract model directory tar xf models/[select model archive]

  2. Detect -m [model directory] [text data file]

Data format

As input data, Each tweet is one line in text file as the below format.

[label]\t[some metadata separated '\t']\t[text without '\t']

[label] is a language name alike en, de, fr and so on. It is also optional as metadata. (ldig doesn't use metadata and label for detection, of course :D)

The output data of lidg is as the below.

[correct label]\t[detected label]\t[original metadata and text]

Estimation Tool

ldig has a estimation tool.

./ -m [model directory]

Open http://localhost:48000 and input target text into textarea. Then ldig outputs language probabilities and feature parameters in the text.

Supported Languages

  • cs Czech
  • da Dannish
  • de German
  • en English
  • es Spanish
  • fi Finnish
  • fr French
  • id Indonesian
  • it Italian
  • nl Dutch
  • no Norwegian
  • pl Polish
  • pt Portuguese
  • ro Romanian
  • sv Swedish
  • tr Turkish
  • vi Vietnamese


Copyright & License

  • (c)2011-2012 Nakatani Shuyo / Cybozu Labs Inc. All rights reserved.
  • All codes and resources are available under the MIT License.