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Integrates Skype with Unity - ppa:skype-wrapper/ppa
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Added to 0.1 by Andreas Happe 2010:
 * Add messages to Ubuntu Message Menu Indicator

Added to 0.2:
 * Support Group Chats
 * Lists all unread messages
 * Each message now opens relavent window
 * Opening this minimizes Skype, and thereafter clicking it brings focus to skype

Added to 0.3:
 * update callback timeout
 * remove items that have been marked as read within Skype
 * derived the *.dbb avatar retrieval from
   by Author Ghulam Mustafa <>
 * listen for people coming and going offline and display their Full Name and Avatar
 * use libnotify
 * draw-attention
Added to 0.4
 * Skype presence tied to Messaging Menu Presence (via telepathy)
 * Disables notifications if your Online Presence is Busy / Do Not Disturb
 * Skype user avatars next to indicators in the messaging menu
 * [Fix:] Opening message in skype removes the chat from the messaging menu
 * gsettings
  * Change whether you want Ubuntu Desktop Notifications:
   * During startup when users are online
   * When receiving a message
   * When users come and go offline
 * unity launcher support via skype-wrapper.desktop
Added to 0.5
 * First startup after login is faster (few seconds)
 * Closes applet properly after quiting skype itself
 * Add file transfer notifications
 * Add file transfer progress to unity launcher
 * Unity launcher counter includes file transfer and missed messages
 * Unity launcher asks for attention when:
  * Receiving messages
  * file transfer requests being received or finishing
 * [Fix:] Don't have to have the telepathy online presence menu enabled to work
 * [Fix:] Add gtk2-engines-pixbuf dependency
 * [Fix:] failed attempts for the main event listeners are recoverable
 * gsettings
  * Change whether you want Ubuntu Desktop Notifications:
   * On Incoming or Outgoing messages
  * Unity Launcher to display:
   * Overall file progress based on incoming and / or outgoing files
  * Choose to display avatars
   * in Ubuntu Desktop Notications
   * next to the indicators
 * Updated package to say its in the Office section

Shannon Black
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