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* Updated the admin script to use the new bzr-svn plugin syntax.
* Renamed the exceptions module and updated one of the contained classes.
* Updated TODO.
* Write test of Document.Copy.
* Add test of Document.NewSection.
* Add .bzrignore file to ignore pending directory.
* Add script to test coverage of code base.
* Write test script which runs nosetest on all unit tests and doctests.
* Centralize basic initializeDoc in tests.
* Move comments about test strategy.
* Delete old temp test code.
* Comment out unused code.
* Remove executable bit from tests so that nosetest can detect them.
* Simplify nested if condition to one if condition.
* Update TODO and bump version to 0.9.1.
* Update the generate script to accept file names as parameters.
* Convert merged_cells to unit tests.
* Fix test_pictures so that it doesn't save a temporary file.
* Remove duplicate code in test_pictures.
* Port picture test.
* Fix spelling of to
* Get header footer tests ported over and working.
* Remove debug statements.
* Write unicode test.
* Make test_tables pass.
* Comment out empty test_headerfooter until it's ready.
* Complain on duplicate test method names in
* Added Juanjo Conti's patch to support unicode.
* Fixed tons of spacing issues.
* Started cleaning up some of the useless methods.
* Added a missing call to writeUnicodeElement in the renderer.
* Updated TODO.
* Cleaned up whitespace in the renderer.
* Updated license.
* Updated commit script.
* Added a dependencies file.
* Added missing import in
* Added a notice in the examples directory that the examples are going away.
* Updated the README with a note about where to lool fofr examples (the test
* Updated the to find all subpackages.
* Lots of changes to the automation script.
* Fixed a syntax error in the script.
* Moved date var out of python script and into repo vars "script".
* Added two more values to be passed to the python script.
* Set the repo vars to production (non-testing) values.
* Minor code tweaks.
* Fixed some typos in unfinished code just to get the tests passing.
* Added support for getting the test name in Python 2.5.
* Updated the commit script so that tests can actually run.
* Changed default behaviour for commit script to run tests, skipping if a flag
is passed (as opposed to only running tests if a flag is passed).
* Added functions to the commit script for better organziation as well as a
check for syncing Google code to SourceForge.
* Removed exit code 1s from python script for convenience of use/parsing by
other scripts.
* Removed extraneous trailing slash from scp command.
* Updated sync script to remove gzip file when done.
* Updated sync script with messages to stdout as well as the functionality of
creating a local mirror if one does not already exist.
* Commented out some testing code.
* Added scripts for creating a local mirror and syncing that mirror from
* Removed extraneous slashes from scripts.
* Added more variables for use by other scripts (and changed some values for
testing purposes).
* Added more scripts for 1) uploading to, 2) automating the
form-processing, and 3) controlling the whole process.
* Started getting the rest of the tests ready.
* Added a print statement to the generate script.
* Moved Elements.TAB, .LINE and .RawCode into document.base.
* Moved Elements.Text and .Inline into document.character.
* Updated Renderer with these changes.
* Added a paragraph test.
* Moved character functions out of Elements and into document.character.
* Moved character test out of paragraphs tests.
* Added last paragraph test.
* First-run clean-up of the character tests.
* Added the charater tests.
* Made some initial changes to the table tests.
* Added a stubbed script for the generation of test RTF docs.
* Created a place in test/sources for test RTF docs.
* Made changes to test_all so that it can be imported by other scripts.
* Made generalizations to test_all, reducing redundancy and increasing
* Generated and checked the first reference RTF file.
* Had to move Paragraph class into new API to avoid circular imports.
* Renamed all *PS variables to *PropertySet and removed the short names.
* Added two more test reference RTF files.
* Updated section unit tests.
* Removed Paragraph from Elements.
* Added the next reference RTF file and finished up the last section test.
* Moved common test case code into utils.RTFTestCase and updated the sections
test case.
* Cleaned up imports in section test file.
* Cleaned up some whitespace in the paragraph file.
* Started on the paragraph tests.
* Did some more RTFTestCase abstraction.
* Updated the generate script.
* Finished the first para test.
* Added two more paragraph tests.
* Moved examples into test dir to serve as the basis for unit tests.
* Added prototype RTF parsing code from Pecha project.
* Added TextEdit test RTF files from Mac OS X.
* Updated TODO.
* Fixed remaining whitespace issue in
* Created exceptions file.
* Split grammar into its own file.
* Made grammar module-level variable (singleton) instead of instantiated class.
* Updated TODO.
* Renamed pyrtfng package to rtfng.
* Added test runner for doctests.
* Added test runner for all tests, and added doctest suite to the runner.
* Added a utility module.
* Added code for recursively adding tests.
* Added images to be used in tests to test/resources.
* Updated TODO.
* Added a write method to Document as a temp fix until the refactor.
* Started moving some code into the new API in order to avoid circular imports.
* Removed * imports from
* Removed code from Elements that was copied into the new API.
* Moved Elements.Standard* into PropertySets (which they all instantiate
anyway) as part of avoiding circular imports.
* Copied Simon Cusack's PyRTF code from version 0.45 as the starting point of
* Added ChangeLog.
* Added admin directory and scripts.
* Renamed package to pyrtf-ng.
* Updated
* Added software license.
* Added a placeholder test directory.
* Added placeholders for parsing and writing code.
* Added TODO file.
* Updated examples to use the new package name and replaced the tabs with
* Whitespace cleanup.
* Updated TODO.
* Fixed name in
* Added gzipped specs for reference.
* Bumped the version number down until the API changes.
* TODO reorg and updates.