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= Haml/SASS Converters for RubyMine IDE (JRuby script-plugin)
= Installing
1. Install jruby:
> rvm install jruby-1.6.0
We are not going to use this version of JRuby - RubyMine has already bundled version of it.
We need to install it in order to collect all required for this plugin gems.
2. Create and use 'haml-sass-converters' gemset under jruby:
> rvm use jruby@haml-sass-converters --create
3. Install gem:
> gem i haml-sass-converters
4. Run install script in your project's root (or some other location) in order to copy script:
> cd <your-project-root-or-other-location-for-rubymine-scripts>
> haml-sass-converters-install
New "scripts" folder will be created with "converters.rb" as a plugin.
5. Go to "File|Setting|Extensions" and add "scripts" folder as new "Script Folder".
6. Restart RubyMine. After restarting IDE will have new "Css" group under "Tools|Extensions" and new actions:
- convert Html to Haml;
- convert CSS to SASS;
You can reach them from "Tools|Extensions" in main menu or from context popup menu inside the editor.
== Usage
Select some content inside erb or css file. Right click inside the editor and select appropriate action.
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