an online repository of problems and solutions
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an online repository of problems and solutions Our efforts to find solutions to global problems in economy, politics, educatioon, environment, etc often result in closed plans of action in which not everyone can fit in. Open systems give us the opportunity to rethink how to start a conversation about a problem, how to manage it, and to be able to define and redefine a solution. There is a social component that is important for a change to be accepted, but it depends on ourselves as individuals and our own introspective conversation if it will happen or not. Once this reflection is made, we instantly take part in the real change, where paradigms are modified and accepted.

The 'Open Innovation Labs' installation is the metaphorical experience of how an individual dialogue with yourself joins everyone else's thoughts, transforming into an infinite collaborative action based on the global values of open culture. The Open Innovation Labs website is the digital realization of the same: an open database on the problems, solutions and the connections between them.

We like to think about the internet as the most democratic thing we can imagine, the endless book, the widest database, the superlative of openness. We shouldn't forget to be wise though: no matter how great opportunities one tool or certain technology give us it is very likely that we recreate the existing structures of our society. Like a digital bureaucracy: you just run from one window to the other and don't reallly understand what's going on.

As a group of ideaters, we believe ideas and design are an inclusive and creative process of expression and communication, necessary for everyone in a civilised society. Open soltion gives tools and principles for everything: empathy, experiments, engagement, enviornment, ethnography and unknown purposes.

  • This is a reminder that by existing and living on this planet you agree to have an impact on it, and this means that you are an influential factor regarding the existence of plants, animals, buildings, weapons, songs, rivers, poems, cars, computers, cakes, tattoes, castles, ships and people. We also remind you, that everything you do has an impact on something: you have no right to be neutral. Keep in mind that it's not only your immediate enviornment that's affected by you, but the whole planet, the whole universe and not only the present but the future too. We hope you acknowledge this and treat it with responsibility, creativity and joy.