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Shiny Demos

Shiny Demos is a growing set of demos of the latest Open Web Standards, made by the Opera developer relations team. No browser is blocked: any browser that supports the standard sees the shiny!

Please file an issue if you find a bug, and better yet, submit a pull request with a fix and tests.


  • Node.js 0.6.X+
  • npm (bundled with Node.js)
  • git

First Run

  • In your terminal, navigate to this folder.
  • Type git submodule init && git submodule update to grab the Odin and Emberwind demos.
  • Type npm install
  • Type node . to build the site and put compiled demos in deploy/ (grunt build works too).
  • Start a local server and begin at deploy/index.html to navigate the demos

Note: you'll probably get errors about not being able to patch Emberwind and Odin—this won't affect anything, however, unless you're trying to deploy the site.

Running Tests

There are two grunt tasks for running tests:

  • grunt test: run the unit test suite.
  • grunt test:config: run the config tests over every entry in config.yaml (the unit tests only test a subset).

Deploying the site

There are two grunt tasks for deploying the site:

  • grunt deploy:dev: deploys to, for manual testing and future versions of the site.
  • grunt deploy:prod: deploys to

Note: this will only work if you have access to the deploy script repo and have ssh keys in the right place, i.e., you probably can forget this exists.


We're still figuring this out. Stay tuned!

That said, there are things to keep in mind for any new demo:

  • All demos need to have their associated data in config.yaml file.
  • Checking in large binary files into the repo makes <devo> sad. :(
  • All demos should live on a <demo-slug>/index.html page
  • All demos need a thumbnail image at source/thumbs and the file name needs to match the slug.