This fork refactors the original version so that it can be linked as a Lib in your iOS apps (instead of copying or including the sources directly).
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[status; draft]

iOS pull-down refresh

How to use this library

  1. Add this repo as a git submodule in your project (or clone and copy it if you aren't using git for your project)
  2. Add the EGOTableViewPullRefresh/EGOTableViewPullRefresh.xcodeproj as a sub-project
  3. Add the EGOTableViewPullRefresh.xcodeproj/EGOResources.bundle to the resources group in your project
  4. Add a target dependency on the EGOTableViewPullRefresh LIB to your project target(s)

With this, you should be setup to use the project as a LIB and it's resources should be incorporated into your project's resources.

API Details