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Home Automation Event Handler for PubNub BLOCKS

Pubnub block creation

Step 1 :

Login to the PubNub admin page with valid credentials.

Step 2 :

Click the "CREATE NEW APP" by giving a name to your APP.



You can see the newly created APP in the page.

Step 3 :

Click on the newly created APP.You can see the Demo keyset for the new application created.


Step 4 :

Click on the Demo keyset and click on the Blocks (on the left side).


Step 5 :

Create a new Block by giving the block name and description to the block.


Step 6 :

Create the Event Handler by clicking CREATE button at the bottom.


Step 7 :

Give the Name of the Event handler, Channel to communicate with the block and the option of when block code should execute(Before of After publish of the message).


Step 8 :

Click on the newly created Event handler.


Step 9 :

Copy the block code in the text area from here, and save it. before saving, ensure that you have filled in your conversation service credentials.


Step 10 :

Click on the Start block button(top right) to start the block.


Your PubNub BLOCK is now running. The virtual agent is ready to accept dialogs from the user.

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